Environmental Impact Assessment
The Transport and Works Act now requires that environmental effects of all new railway schemes be assessed. MRCL provides a complete service in the prediction of noise and vibration from surface and underground railways and the best practicable means
of mitigating these effects.

Noise and Vibration Services

MRCL provides planning advice for new railways: and expertise in the prediction and monitoring of noise and vibration for new and existing railway systems.


Wheel/Rail Interface

W/R Interface Management Strategy.

Friction/Lubrication Management.

Corrugation investigation.

Rolling Contact Fatigue investigation.

Rail grinding strategy & Management.

Track & vehicle Maintenance strategy.

Rail defect Management.


Track/Asset Condition Monitoring

Noise & vibration performance.

Track Condition Assessment.

Maintenance & grinding planning.

Track integrity Assessment.

Investigation of problems.


Measurement Services

Track dynamic characteristics (noise &
vibration, deflection, rail roll, stress).

Track Static characteristics (settlement,
Temperature, etc).

Axle box acceleration (define track quality)

Ride quality assessment.

In-train noise (impact on staff/passengers)

Problem investigation.

MRCL also provides advice in assessing public
complaints and providing practical solutions to
eliminate such complaints.

Other Services
Advice on Rolling Stock Design
Materials Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Component Testing
Project Management

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