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Network Rail.

Metronet Rail BCV Ltd.

Tube Lines Ltd.

Metronet Rail SSL Ltd.

Heathrow Express.

European Rail Operators.


The Capability

MRCL provides high level consultancy backed up by a measuring and testing capability. In-house skills range from Environmental Impact Assessment to the design of resilient trackforms.

The company has a large commitment to European Union Brite Euram Ill railway projects and works closely with other European Rail operators in developing low noise railway systems.


Research & Development

Wheel/rail Interface research using
mathematical and experimental models.

European Silent Freight Project (measures
to reduce noise from Rolling stock).

European Silent Track Project (optimise
track components to reduce noise).

EU Convurt Project (control of vibration
from underground traffic).

  Major Projects

W/R Interface Technical Advisor (HEX).

WCML Route modernisation (NR).

Track Containment project (SSL).

Research Project (w/r interface, Convurt).

Friction Management (TL).

Brixton crossover Project (BCV).

Track integrity assessment (TL).

Track Condition Monitoring (BCV).