Resilient Trackform Design
MRCL can provide support for the design and
evaluation of resilient trackforms. This support includes the preparation of performance specifications, and the
design and selection of track components. Component testing and on-site monitoring of track performance is
also undertaken.

Railway Consultants, MRCL, Winchester, UK

Noise & vibration prediction & measurements.

Wheel/Rail Interface Management.

Track & Asset Condition Monitoring.

Measurements based Consultancy.

Trackform design & evaluation.

Project Management.

Research and Development.

Problem solving.

  Noise & vibration Services

Environmental Impact Assessment.

N&V prediction and Measurements.

Public Complaints Investigation.

Track and vehicle noise assessment.

Control & reduction of operational noise.

Resilient trackform design and evaluation.

Plant noise and vibration assessment.

Construction noise.


Resilient trackform

Design of resilient trackform to reduce
noise, vibration & impact loading.

Development of trackform specification to
meet client requirements.

Assessment of fastening components.

Assessment of rail and baseplate pads.

Noise and vibration prediction.

Condition Monitoring
Condition monitoring can identify problems at an early stage and provide the operator with the necessary information to determine maintenance regimes and asset control strategies.

MRCL provides expertise in condition monitoring of track rolling stock, bridges, tunnels, stations, escalators etc.
Monitoring includes noise. vibration. displacement, temperature. stress/strain and other engineering parameters.